The former notorious Carandiru prison, inaugurated in 1956 and closed earlier this year, was recently opened to the general public in order to show an important part of the city’s history and the harsh realities of prison life. The prison was the largest correctional facility in all of South America, and will be remembered for the massacre of 111 prisoners by guards in October 1992. Riots and escapes were commonplace at the prison, which was designed for 3,200 inmates but held over 8,000.
Brazilian artist Siron Franco is currently holding an exhibition in the prison. In one of his pieces Franco uses 111 prison doors, once used to keep prisoners in their cells, to represent the 111 inmates killed in the 1992 riot.
Also on show are some items confiscated by wardens over the years, such as knives, scales for weighing drugs, cellular phones as well as some art, photos and other objects produced by the prisoners.
Visits are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Entrance is free. The prison is within walking distance from the Carandiru metro station on Av. Cruzeiro do Sul.

One of Brazil’s most popular tourist spots, the awesome Foz do Iguacu waterfalls, situated in a 2,000 square kilometer national park, has to be seen to be appreciated. Over 3 km wide, 80 meters high, Foz do Iguacu is wider than Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara Falls.

The falls are divided between Brazil and Argentina and to see them properly you should visit both sides, taking two days. The Brazilian side has a better overall view, while from the Argentine side you can get closer to the action, especially the most ferocious ‘Devil’s Throat’.

The falls are around 18km from the town of Foz do Iguacu and can be easily reached by bus (which run every 20 mins) costing R$1.10 or taxi (for about R$25.00). From the park entrance you change buses, before traveling another 3 km to the beginning of the trail.

A normal visit will take about an hour, with the trail along the fall stretching for over 1.2 kilometers of walkway..ending with a boardwalk out into the water and looking into the ‘Devil’s Throat’.

If you have the cash you can take a seven-minute helicopter ride for a general panoramic view, or a half-hour boat trip, which brings you right up to the foot of one of the falls.

The park has a food mall, with souvenir shop and bathrooms at the end of the trail, where you can relax before heading back to town.

Opening hours are from Tue to Sun from 8am to 7pm and from 1pm to 7pm on Mondays.

Entrance is R$8, which includes the 3km bus ride.

For more information on the park call (45) 529 8383 or email:


Here are some well located and reasonably prices hotels.

Continental Inn Hotel
Av. Paran, 1089
Tel. : (045) 574-4122 (045) 574-4122

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Lula, with 46.4% of the votes, was unable to attain a clear majority in Sunday’s presidential race, which will now go to a second round dispute on Sunday, Oct. 27. The government-backed candidate Jose Serra, second in the running with 23.2% of the votes, will be Lula’s opponent. Third place Garotinho got 17.9% of the votes, while Ciro Gomes received 12%.



Full Name: Luiz Incio Lula da Silva
Age: 56
Profession: Turner/Lathe operator
Marital Status: Married to Marisa Letcia da Silva since 1973. Was married to Maria de Lourdes da Silva, who died in 1970
Children: Marcos Cludio, 31; Lurian, 29; Fbio Luiz, 28; Sandro Luiz, 23, and Luiz Cludio, 17
Birth Place: Garanhuns, Pernambuco
Residence: São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo
Education: Up to 5th year in Primary School
Political Party: Workers Party (PT)
Curiosity: Lost one of his little fingers in a work accident in 1963
Policies/Objectives: To create up to 10 million new jobs. He is anti-speculation and pro production. Would like to see it more profitable to plant tomatoes than to buy shares on the stock market. Will only join Alca if it’s on terms favorable to Brazil.
Current Standing: Vox Populi Poll (Sept. 30) 43% (Margin of error 2 percentage points)


Full Name: Jos Serra
Age: 60
Profession: Economist
Marital Status: Married to Silvia Mnica Allende Serra
Children: Vernica, 32, and Luciano, 29
Birth Place: São Paulo (SP)
Residence: São Paulo (SP)
Education: Civil Engineer USP (1964). Masters in Economics, University of Chile (1972). Doctorate in Economics Cornell University (1977)
Political Party: PSDB
Curiosity: An only child. Slept in his parents room until he was five.
Policy: Would follow in the steps of Fernando Henerique Cardoso, giving priority to financial stability and supporting the Real.
Current Standing: Vox Populi Poll (Sept. 30) 18% (Margin of error 2 percentage points)


Full Name: Ciro Ferreira Gomes
Age: 44
Profession: Lawyer
Marital Status: Separated from Patricia Gomes. Dating actress Patricia Pillar.
Children: Lvia, 18, and Iuri, 12
Birth Place: Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo
Residence: Fortaleza, Ceara
Education: Law Degree from the Ceara Federal University
Political Party: PPS
Curiosities: Learning to play the Saxophone. Was a drummer in a rock band.
Policies: Considered a dark horse. Has been compared to former president Fernando Collor, impeached in 1992. In favor of tax reforms, social security reforms and reducing Brazil’s external debt.
Current Standing: Vox Populi Poll (Sept. 30) 13% (Margin of error 2 percentage points)


Full Name: Anthony William Garotinho Matheus de Oliveira
Age: 42
Profession: Accounting Technician
Marital Status: Married to Rosngela Barros Assed Matheus
Children: Clarissa, 20, Wladimir, 17, Anthony 12, and Clara, 8 (his own); Maria Aparecida, 26, Altamir, 25, Amanda, 15, Walderson, 10, e David, 3 (adopted)
Birth Place: Campos, Rio de Janeiro
Residence: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Education: Accounting Diploma from Bittencourt College
Political Party: PSB
Curiosities: Compulsive eater. Likes writing poetry.
Policies: In favor of a new economic model to invert the accumulation of wealth from the financial sector to the industrial sector.
Current Standing: Vox Populi Poll (Sept. 30) 15% (Margin of error 2 percentage points)