The exhibition brings together some real life elements, which represent indigenous life in the Amazon. Among the exhibits are life-size reproductions of typical jungle homes, set up by scenographer Gringo Cardia. Another exhibit is simply a room with its walls painted black to represent the deforestation of the Amazon. From that room’s wooden floor comes smoke to symbolize a burning forest. Photos by Brazilian photographer Araquem Alcantara and speech by Indian chief Raoni during the exhibition.
Where:SESC Pompéia, Rua Cllia, 93, Pompéia Tel. 3871-7700
When: July 17 to Aug 18. Tue – Sat. 10am to 10 pm, Sun. 9 am to 7.30 pm
Tickets: Free Entrance

The Itau Cultural Center offers a free Cyberspace to the public on Paulista avenue, aimed at stimulating social interaction. The space offers attractions, such as a cafeteria, round tables with a sound tube- sound system, with earphones for individual listening. In addition, the space is complete with very cool isle- sofas, sitting several people, where you can watch on a moving picture screen various programs, selected from a DVD and CD jukebox. Furthermore, the cyberspace offers the public 30 minutes free Internet access per day.

Where: Ita Cultural, Av. Paulista, 149 – São Paulo. Tel: 3268 1777 or 3268 1776 Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 10h00 to 21h00. Closed on Mondays.

On Saturday, July 14, the French community in São Paulo will celebrate Bastille Day with a street festival. The festival will take place between 14h and 22h, on the Rua Princesa Isabel and Joaquim Nabuco, in Brooklin, and will be attended by French consulate representative Jean Marc Laforet. Those attending will get the opportunity to dance some old time waltzs as well as witness a performance of the famous Can Can directed by choreographer Lcia Vieira. The event will have lots of French cuisine as well as a marvellous range of wines, all for a reasonable price. All revenue will be donated to charity.
Where: Rua Princesa Isabel, Rua Joaquim Nabuco and in Brooklin, Zona Sul
When: July 14 between 14h and 22h,
Tickets:Admission Free (you can bring some old warm clothes to donate to charity)