The Kundun restaurant is holding an End of Year charity event for the children of Casa do Sol orphanage. The event will take place on Thursday, Dec. 19 from 21h00. Cost is R$30 per person, which includes, music, drinks, food etc.
Casa do Sol is a shelter for homeless and abandoned children up to the age of eight. It has been in operation for the past eight years and totally funded from private contributions, with no government support.
If you can’t make it to the event, but would like to make a donation to the Casa do Sol orphanage, bank account details are as follows: Unibanco, Agen: 0398, c/c 101.674-8.

Where: Restaurante Kundun, Av. Horcio Lafer, 362. Tel: 3078 3519
When: Thursday, Dec. 19 from 21h00

If you are a Pixies fan then don’t miss this show by local band ‘The Book is on the Table’ at Funhouse on Sunday, Dec. 8.
The Pixies 6 years of existence blew a breath of fresh air through both the independent and national charts. From the backwoods of Boston to headlining festivals worldwide, the Pixies combined blistering guitar work with a unique approach to songwriting and became one of the most acclaimed acts in independent music.
While never gaining a wide fan base outside of their cult following, the Pixies continually received critical acclaim for their work.
Originally named the Pixies in Panoply, the band later became simply the Pixies. The group made five albums in five years: ‘Come On Pilgrim’ (1987), ‘Surfer Rosa’ (1988), ‘Doolittle’ (1989), ‘Bossanova’ (1990) and ‘Trompe Le Monde’ (1991). Then they broke up.

When: Sunday, Dec. 8 at 20h00
Where: Funhouse. Rua Bela Cintra, 567, Tel: 38593793, Consolaão

Looking for somewhere really exciting to spend New Year’s? Why not try Bora Bora in Tahiti. A deluxe package with Kangaroo Tours leaves Dec. 28 and returns Jan. 7. Package includes: 09 nights in deluxe hotels – including Bora Bora in overwater bungalows at the Sheraton Nui spa resort. Flights with Lan Chile. All transfers. Breakfast each day. New Years Eve party in Bora Bora. US$4796 per person.

More information –
Phone #: +55 (11) 3064-3055

Manon, Massenet’s glorious French opera, will run for six nights from Nov. 27 at the Teatro Alfa. Based on the novel ‘Les Aventures du Chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut’ by Abbe Prevost, the opera tells the romantic story of Des Grieux and Manon Lescaut, as well as Manon’s relationship with her father and search for social status. Scene direction by Aidan Lang, music conducted by Luiz Fernando Malheiro. Cast includes sopranos Rosana Lamosa and Solange Siquerolli, tenors Fernando Portari and Marcos Menescal and baritones Paulo Szot and Eduardo Amir.

When: Nov. 27 and 29 at 20h30. Dec. 1 at 17h00. Dec. 3, 5 and 7 at 20h30
Where: Teatro Alfa, Rua Bento Branco de Andrade Filho, 722, Santo Amaro. Tel. 5693 4000
Tickets: R$65 to R$180

ACT I: France, 1721. In the courtyard of an inn at Amiens, a crowd awaits arrival of the coach. Guillot, an elderly rou, and his wealthy friend Brtigny have ordered dinner for three actresses of easy virtue, Poussette, Javotte and Rosette; as they retire to a room, a young officer, Lescaut, comes to meet his cousin Manon, who is on her way to a convent. The coach soon arrives and with it Manon, who excitedly tells Lescaut about her first trip away from home. While he looks after her luggage, Guillot, calling for more wine, notices the pretty girl and flirts with her, but she only laughs at the elderly man’s advances. Lescaut returns, and before joining friends at a gaming table he warns Manon about talking to strangers. To herself, she wistfully compares her own bland future with the pleasure-filled life of Guillot and his glamorous companions. The Chevalier Des Greiux arrives at the inn and, on seeing Manon, falls in love with her. Seizing this opportunity to escape the convent, Manon suggests that they run off to Paris in Guillot’s coach. The tipsy old bon vivant, who had intended to abduct Manon himself, stumbles from the inn just in time to hurl curses after the escaping lovers.

ACT II: In their Paris apartment, Manon and Des Grieux read a letter he has written to his father describing his sweetheart and asking permission to marry her. When Des Grieux notices a bouquet of flowers Brtigny has sent to Manon, she tells him a lie to allay his suspicions of her loyalty. Lescaut and Brtigny arrive, the former to demand that Des Grieux marry Manon, the latter to tell the girl that Des Grieux is soon to be kidnapped by his irate father. The visitors depart, and Des Grieux goes off to send his letter. Left alone, Manon is unable to resist the temptation of luxury offered her by Brtigny and bids a poignant farewell to the life she has shared with Des Grieux. The young man returns, relating an idyllic vision of their future life together, but officers suddenly force their way into the room and abduct him.

ACT III: A holiday crowd fills a park at the Cours-la-Reine, where Poussette, Javotte and Rosette have eluded Guillot. Lescaut sentimentally addresses a pretty passerby as his beloved Rosalinde,” then generously offers her presents from the vendors’ carts. Manon, surrounded by wealthy admirers, preens herself and sings a gavotte in praise of youth and pleasure. When Des Grieux’ father, the Count, speaks with Brtigny, Manon overhears their conversation, learning that Des Grieux is about to take holy orders at the Church of St. Sulpice. She herself speaks to the Count and is piqued to hear that her former lover has grown cold to her charms. Manon rushes to St. Sulpice.

In the sacristy at St. Sulpice, some women describe the eloquence of the new abb. Skeptical of his son’s new virtue, the Count tries to persuade Des Grieux to abandon the church and marry a suitable girl. After the father leaves, Des Grieux prays for the strength to resist the memory of Manon. But Manon arrives, breaks his resolve with her ardor and persuades him to run away with her.

ACT IV: The Htel de Transylvanie, a notorious gambling house, is crowded with merrymakers, including Lescaut, Guillot and the three actresses. When Des Grieux arrives with Manon, she suggests that he recoup their sagging fortunes at the faro table. As the young man plays cards with Guillot, Manon and the actresses sing in praise of living for the moment. Guillot, losing every hand, accuses Des Grieux of cheating and goes off to summon the police; the authorities soon arrive and with them the Count Des Grieux, who rebukes his son but promises him that his arrest will be only temporary. Manon swoons as he is taken away.

ACT V: Manon is to be deported to Louisiana on charges of immorality. On the road to Le Havre, where she must pass, Des Grieux and Lescaut bribe the guards to release her. Manon, in the last stages of consumption, falls exhausted in her lover’s arms. Des Grieux, though despairing, comforts her as, murmuring of their lost happiness, she dies.

The recently inaugurated Grand Hyatt São Paulo will have a special thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 28 from 7.30pm to 11pm. The special menu, prepared by Chef Felipe Villela, will be served at the hotel’s Grand Caffe restaurant.
Reservations: Call (011) 6838-3203.
Price: R$45,00 per person

Thanksgiving Menu

Spiced Chestnut Soup with Hazelnut Biscotti


Roasted Turkey with Sausage and Fennel Stuffing
Golden Mashed Garlic Potatoes, Gravy


Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon and Nutmeg
Whipped Cream

Coffe or Tea

Between now and Dec. 15 the Itau Cultural center on Paulista will be presenting several projects as part of the ‘Interatividades’ event aimed at presenting a mix of traditional and the new dance performances.
Among the events being presented is work by a French dance group, Mulleras, and their show Minatures, originally created for the Internet, which includes four balarinas dancing with images previously captured by digital cameras.
The event will present participants an opportunity to see new techniques in the area of webdesign, engineering, computer graphics etc. Minas Gerais group Feito a Maos, will present their work ‘Mostruario Ilustrado’ from Nov. 12 to 14, showing videos that work at part of the background for dance and theater groups. The group Cinema na Rede will take place from Nov 19 to 23 and F@imp will present their work from Nov 25 to 29.
The highlight of the event will perhaps be the Spanish group La Ribot, who will present their work from Dec. 3 to 8, which involves projections of the dancers on the ground and walls. The event’s last group is Kondition Pluriel, made up by Canadian balarina Marie-Claude Poulin and Austrian multimedia artist Martin Kusch.

When: Until Dec. 15
Where: Itau Cultural, Av. Paulista 149, Tel.: 3268 1776
Entrance: Free

The former notorious Carandiru prison, inaugurated in 1956 and closed earlier this year, was recently opened to the general public in order to show an important part of the city’s history and the harsh realities of prison life. The prison was the largest correctional facility in all of South America, and will be remembered for the massacre of 111 prisoners by guards in October 1992. Riots and escapes were commonplace at the prison, which was designed for 3,200 inmates but held over 8,000.
Brazilian artist Siron Franco is currently holding an exhibition in the prison. In one of his pieces Franco uses 111 prison doors, once used to keep prisoners in their cells, to represent the 111 inmates killed in the 1992 riot.
Also on show are some items confiscated by wardens over the years, such as knives, scales for weighing drugs, cellular phones as well as some art, photos and other objects produced by the prisoners.
Visits are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Entrance is free. The prison is within walking distance from the Carandiru metro station on Av. Cruzeiro do Sul.

One of Brazil’s most popular tourist spots, the awesome Foz do Iguacu waterfalls, situated in a 2,000 square kilometer national park, has to be seen to be appreciated. Over 3 km wide, 80 meters high, Foz do Iguacu is wider than Victoria Falls and higher than Niagara Falls.

The falls are divided between Brazil and Argentina and to see them properly you should visit both sides, taking two days. The Brazilian side has a better overall view, while from the Argentine side you can get closer to the action, especially the most ferocious ‘Devil’s Throat’.

The falls are around 18km from the town of Foz do Iguacu and can be easily reached by bus (which run every 20 mins) costing R$1.10 or taxi (for about R$25.00). From the park entrance you change buses, before traveling another 3 km to the beginning of the trail.

A normal visit will take about an hour, with the trail along the fall stretching for over 1.2 kilometers of walkway..ending with a boardwalk out into the water and looking into the ‘Devil’s Throat’.

If you have the cash you can take a seven-minute helicopter ride for a general panoramic view, or a half-hour boat trip, which brings you right up to the foot of one of the falls.

The park has a food mall, with souvenir shop and bathrooms at the end of the trail, where you can relax before heading back to town.

Opening hours are from Tue to Sun from 8am to 7pm and from 1pm to 7pm on Mondays.

Entrance is R$8, which includes the 3km bus ride.

For more information on the park call (45) 529 8383 or email:


Here are some well located and reasonably prices hotels.

Continental Inn Hotel
Av. Paran, 1089
Tel. : (045) 574-4122 (045) 574-4122

Price: R$85 to R$115. Four Star Hotel.

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Lula, with 46.4% of the votes, was unable to attain a clear majority in Sunday’s presidential race, which will now go to a second round dispute on Sunday, Oct. 27. The government-backed candidate Jose Serra, second in the running with 23.2% of the votes, will be Lula’s opponent. Third place Garotinho got 17.9% of the votes, while Ciro Gomes received 12%.



Full Name: Luiz Incio Lula da Silva
Age: 56
Profession: Turner/Lathe operator
Marital Status: Married to Marisa Letcia da Silva since 1973. Was married to Maria de Lourdes da Silva, who died in 1970
Children: Marcos Cludio, 31; Lurian, 29; Fbio Luiz, 28; Sandro Luiz, 23, and Luiz Cludio, 17
Birth Place: Garanhuns, Pernambuco
Residence: São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo
Education: Up to 5th year in Primary School
Political Party: Workers Party (PT)
Curiosity: Lost one of his little fingers in a work accident in 1963
Policies/Objectives: To create up to 10 million new jobs. He is anti-speculation and pro production. Would like to see it more profitable to plant tomatoes than to buy shares on the stock market. Will only join Alca if it’s on terms favorable to Brazil.
Current Standing: Vox Populi Poll (Sept. 30) 43% (Margin of error 2 percentage points)


Full Name: Jos Serra
Age: 60
Profession: Economist
Marital Status: Married to Silvia Mnica Allende Serra
Children: Vernica, 32, and Luciano, 29
Birth Place: São Paulo (SP)
Residence: São Paulo (SP)
Education: Civil Engineer USP (1964). Masters in Economics, University of Chile (1972). Doctorate in Economics Cornell University (1977)
Political Party: PSDB
Curiosity: An only child. Slept in his parents room until he was five.
Policy: Would follow in the steps of Fernando Henerique Cardoso, giving priority to financial stability and supporting the Real.
Current Standing: Vox Populi Poll (Sept. 30) 18% (Margin of error 2 percentage points)


Full Name: Ciro Ferreira Gomes
Age: 44
Profession: Lawyer
Marital Status: Separated from Patricia Gomes. Dating actress Patricia Pillar.
Children: Lvia, 18, and Iuri, 12
Birth Place: Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo
Residence: Fortaleza, Ceara
Education: Law Degree from the Ceara Federal University
Political Party: PPS
Curiosities: Learning to play the Saxophone. Was a drummer in a rock band.
Policies: Considered a dark horse. Has been compared to former president Fernando Collor, impeached in 1992. In favor of tax reforms, social security reforms and reducing Brazil’s external debt.
Current Standing: Vox Populi Poll (Sept. 30) 13% (Margin of error 2 percentage points)


Full Name: Anthony William Garotinho Matheus de Oliveira
Age: 42
Profession: Accounting Technician
Marital Status: Married to Rosngela Barros Assed Matheus
Children: Clarissa, 20, Wladimir, 17, Anthony 12, and Clara, 8 (his own); Maria Aparecida, 26, Altamir, 25, Amanda, 15, Walderson, 10, e David, 3 (adopted)
Birth Place: Campos, Rio de Janeiro
Residence: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Education: Accounting Diploma from Bittencourt College
Political Party: PSB
Curiosities: Compulsive eater. Likes writing poetry.
Policies: In favor of a new economic model to invert the accumulation of wealth from the financial sector to the industrial sector.
Current Standing: Vox Populi Poll (Sept. 30) 15% (Margin of error 2 percentage points)

Praia do Rosa, about 20 minutes north of Imbituba, is one of the region’s most spectacular beaches, with perfect waves for surfing, sand dunes, blue-green lagoons, rainforests, crystal white beaches, and a birds eye view of visiting whales and dolphins. This is an ideal place to relax and get in touch with nature. Access is a little difficult as most roads are not yet paved, but the upside is that the beach never gets crowded.


Pousadas in Praia do Rosa

The Rosebud

Located on a hillside, overlooking the ocean and lagoons, this charming pousada offers a perfect view of the bay region.

All suites have a view of the ocean, with verandas, hammocks, frigobar, color TVs, and ceiling fans.

Surrounded by gardens with orquids, bromeliads and other native flora and fauna.

Other facilities include a bar, restaurant, pizzeria, swimming pool, barbeque area, laundry and parking. American Express and Visa accepted.

Estrada Geral de Ibiraquera – Praia do Rosa

Tel: 048 3556101



Fazenda Verde do Rosa

First class chalets, with verandas, located on a lush green hillside only 100 meters from the beach. Includes three restaurants, two of which are on the beach, space for parties and conventions, swimming pool, horse riding, barbeque area and playground.

Estrada Geral da Praia do Rosa, s/n

Tel: (048) 355-6060



Hotel Pousada Villa Grifoglio

Old style colonial farm hotel, easy access by car, located on a 25,000 square-meter plot, including gardens, palm trees and swimming pool.

Rooms and chales overlooking sand dunes and the sea, with veranda and hammocks, frigobar, TV, and ceiling fans.


Tel: (55) (48) 354-0299


Capitão David’s Surfing School

Take advantage of the regions perfect waves to learn how to surf, at the Capitao David surf school. Classes include theory and practice, beginning in the calm lagoons and then moving on to the real thing in the sea. Operates seven days a week, all year round. Individual or group classes. Price R$120 for three classes (lasting roughly two hours each)

Tel: (048) 355 6060

Praia do Rosa Location

  • Florianopolis………………… 70 Km
  • Porto Alegre………………… 400 Km
  • Curitiba……………………….. 350 Km
  • São Paulo……………………. 800 Km
  • Rio de Janeiro……………… 1200 Km
  • Montevideo………………….. 1360 Km
  • Buenos Aires………………… 1470 Km

For more information check out the following website (in Portuguese)